Beginning in 1994 the Town Of Ithaca’s use of Tenco products started and since that time there never have been any surprises or disappointments, which is a very good thing. Tenco sets a high standard for their product and their staff is dedicated to delivering that product. The installation process is thorough, ensuring a dependable and reliable product upon delivery. Should there be any breakdowns the process is just as easy and dependable, just identify the specific piece of equipment, they review their files and you get the right part, reducing any downtime and headaches. In an effort to meet the expectations of a very mobile community the quality of the Tenco products allows us to fulfill those expectations.


A self-propelled snowblower at the Hay River Merlyn Carter Airport.

YELLOWKNIFE (March 3, 2016) – As a result of a successful partnership between the Government of Northwest Territories (GNWT) and the Government of Canada, a new state of the art, self-propelled snowblower is now on site at the Hay River Merlyn Carter Airport.

The new snowblower employs cutting edge technology to increase productivity and decrease time required to clean airport runways, improve worker safety, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Rafat General Contracting

We were able to help RAFAT General Contracting stay ahead of the competition with quality products and solutions.  The TENCO team delivered a complete fleet of trucks, ahead of schedule, ready to tackle the season.


New fleet for Crupi and Sons

Serving the Greater Toronto area since 1951, Crupi & Sons turned to TENCO’s expertise and solutions in order to maximize their return on investment, and minimize downtimes during harsh winter conditions.


Sale and installation in the City of Mont-Joli

Tenco recently filled and delivered an order to Mont-Joli: a 12 cu. yd. spreader with rear tail gate and Roll-Off, and an H345-48-F3-ED fully-detachable hitch, 11-foot wing and another TC-104 12-foot one-way wing.


Sale and installation in the City of Wickham.

Having previously worked with another manufacturer, the City of Wickham don’t regret its recent decision to contract with Tenco for its new truck.


Mr. Shane Chapman:

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your knowable staff at Tenco Industries for our latest snow plow truck that was delivered. From start to finish any issue that was discussed or presented a problem you and your staff met with us to resolve. The equipment has performed very well so far and the installation was also done professionally.

I also want to thank you for the recent purchase of a self-contained snow blower that works with our John Deere 644. I was in need of a snow blower rather quickly and your company located one and delivered it in less than four weeks. Once we received it from Tenco Industries our employees were quickly trained on it and it worked beyond our expectations.

Shane thanks for the great service and dependability your company has provided to the town of Canandaigua.

James Fletcher

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