Since the very beginning, we have always striven to be innovative. Pushed the envelope even further. We believe this is the very essence of a company built by idealists. And our goal is to offer our customers the powerful tools to help them push back the limits imposed upon them by winter

This is the reason R&D has always been an important part of our business process. Below are some of the highlights we have accomplished over the years.


  • To be the best partner in the snow removal industry for our customers and our suppliers.
  • To provide a safe and stimulating work environment for our employees.


  • Respect
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Innovation
  • Health and safety at work
  • Be environmentally conscious


The Tenco family was not built in a day. It is the culmination of over 40 years of work. Here is the string of key turning points for our team.

Tenco Machinery (CDN) Ltd. is founded in St-Valérien-de-Milton by ten shareholders. Marketing of the one-way TC-96 plow model. The original manufacturing jig is still in use today due to the popularity of this one-way plow.


Production of the first 12M dump body/spreader.


A net increase in sales results in the expansion of the main building.


Tenco USA Inc. is founded. In addition to selling parts directly to Western New York, the American division starts to manufacture several spare parts. Tenco USA Inc. quickly becomes a major operations centre for the sale and distribution of spare parts and equipment, thus providing support to Tenco product distributors in the Mid-West and Western United States.


Tenco acquires the SMI product line of self-propelled snowblowers and airport runway sweepers.


A new 34,000 sq. ft. building is added to Tenco's manufacturing facilities in St-Valérien-de-Milton.


Tenco acquires Vohl's snow removal equipment division. Tenco starts selling the renowned DV-4000 loader-mount snowblower, an upscale model in loader-mount snowblowers.


Pursuant to an agreement with Bucher, Tenco is authorized to distribute Rolba high-quality self-propelling snowblowers as well as Schörling runway sweepers in North America and South America.


On October 19, 2011, Alamo Group Inc., a NYSE publicly-traded company acquired all the assets of Tenco Group and its subsidiaries.


Distribution of BUCHER MUNICIPAL (GILETTA) high-end equipment for North America.


Acquisition of R.P.M. Tech Inc. by the Alamo Group and its management entrusted to Tenco Inc.


Investment of $7,5 Million for a major expansion project of 50,000 square feet to our St-Valerien-de-Milton facility, adding 50% of manufacturing capacity.


Opening of the Calgary, Alberta Branch offering Tenco equipment and parts, complete installation, and repair services to Western Canada customers.


Introduction of the new Wide Wing System (WWS), a multi-lane snow clearing solution. A turnkey system able to adapt to different road widths.


Awarded of Sourcewell (USA) / Canoe (Canada) cooperative contract, allowing Tenco products to be offered at competitive prices to member municipalities and government institutions.