Simplify the Procurement of your Snow Removal Equipment

Tenco participates into procurement groups to offer to municipal, and governmental organizations the best price in a streamline process. Use of one of these Cooperative Purchasing groups to benefit all the competitive advantages they provide.

Sourcewell, is a United-States government agency offering cooperative purchasing and other services to more than 50 000 government entities and nonprofit organizations, such as municipalities, counties, DOT, and education institutions in United-States. Members save money, because of the purchasing scale advantage they gain from being part of the cooperative.

Based on a government sanctioned procurement processes, Sourcewell holds over 400 competitively solicited cooperative contracts ready for use. Contracts are awarded to national manufacturers and they can be leveraged locally by local dealers or representatives.

Tenco has been awarded a four-year national procurement contract with Sourcewell, expiring in 2025.

Use Tenco Sourcewell Snow and Ice Equipment Awarded Contract #062222-AGI to streamline your equipment procurement.         Register here

In Canada, Sourcewell advantages are available through the Winter Maintenance Equipment Program of the CANOE Procurement Group of Canada. Refer to Tenco Awarded Contract #062222-AGI. Become a member here


  • It’s 100% free and easy to join
  • Bid process has already been completed by Sourcewell
  • Reduce procurement time
  • Joint purchasing power of over 50 000 members
  • $3 billion in annual cooperative purchasing volume
  • Largest government purchasing cooperative of its kind in the country
  • Available throughout North America
  • Servicing its members since 40 years

To purchase a product listed on Tenco Awarded Contract, simply contact us.