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Optimized Turnkey Trucks

Turnkey Plow Trucks

TENCO is specialized in fast delivery of turnkey truck fleets and single unit, up fitted with snow and ice-fighting equipment tailored specifically to municipal, maintenance contractors, DOTs, and airport needs.  This solution ensures a complete compatibility between chassis and mounted equipment for optimal performance and reliability.

TENCO plowing truck are assembled and tested by qualified up-fitting technicians.  Each project is designed and supervised by the engineering team and project management to ensure performance and quality.

Get the TENCO Difference

  • Delivered as promised
  • Heavy-duty snow and ice fighting equipment
  • Superior quality of material, paint, and workmanship
  • Consistent installation. Hydraulic and electrical components installed at the same location, the say way
  • Ergonomic control positioning
  • Engineered hydraulic and electric systems
  • Orderly arrangements
  • Pre-manufactured electrical harnesses
  • Stainless steel hydraulic lines
  • Built in protective enclosures
  • And more!
Tenco turnkey truck mounted with plow, wing and spreader
Tenco turnkey truck
Tenco turnkey truck mounted with a roll-off spreader
Upffited plow truck featuring a roll-off mounted spreader
Tenco snow removal equipment Installation service
Lighting system per customer specifications
Tenco DLA turnkey upfiitted plow truck
DLA and plow trunkey truck
Tenco is specialized in turnkey fleets
Specialized in turnkey fleets
Featuring a 12M spreader/body, and plows
Featuring a 12M spreader/body, and plows