Multilane Clearing

Wide Wing System by Tenco - A multilane plowing system for highways and roads

Wide Wing System (WWS)

Tenco’s Wide Wing System (WWS) is perfect for highway and roadway winter maintenance. It provides multiple lanes snow and ice clearing in a safe manner. Flexible, the WWS clears two (2) lanes and shoulder or any other configuration up to 27 feet wide in one pass.

The Wide Wing System is a complete turnkey solution – truck and mounted equipment combined for seamless, trouble-free integration. It features: a 21-foot wing, 12- or 14-foot reversible front snow plow, 17-cubic-yard capacity body/spreader, pre-wet brine tank, control and safety systems.

System components are easily controlled and maneuvered using a joystick. The functions thus centralized, the task of the driver is simplified, and he can therefore focus all his attention on the road.

  • Clears (2) lanes and shoulder or any other configurations up to 27′ wide
  • Ideal for highways and roadways with any number of lanes
  • Pre-wets and spreads deicer/abrasive materials
  • Engineered to tackle various snow depths and types
  • Many security features to insure truck, operator, and motorists safety


Same ride and handling as a standard plow truck. Requires only a standard commercial driver’s license

Tenco Wide Wing System for multilane cleaning - one truck no equipment towing

All the equipment is installed on the main vehicle, seamlessly integrated in one system

Tenco Wide Wing System multilane clearing solution - controlled by a joystick

Exclusive user-friendly console consolidating operation of all system functions with a joystick