PCL-500 TENCO WATERING ARMS for Municipal Tanker Trucks

Watering municipal flower beds and hanging baskets efficiently and rapidly

  • Add a reliable piece of equipment to your municipal tanker truck for watering flower beds, hanging baskets, trees and more!
  • The PCL-500 watering arm is the safest and most reliable equipment on the market
  • Articulated and extendable,  the arm can move around obstacles such as park benches, garbage cans, etc.
  • Controlled by a joystick inside the cab
  • The powerful PCL-500 allows cleaning the streets with the water flow controlled by the directional nozzle
  • Can be used for spraying chemicals on trees, flowers, and lawns
  • Other possible uses with the PCL-500 is watering winter exterior skating rinks
  • Entirely hydraulic components

Thanks to its extendable arm and directional nozzle that can bypass obstacles, the PCL-500 offers a clean, safe, and efficient way to hose down sidewalks and water flowers in hanging baskets on lamp posts.